Sunday, February 07, 2010

in the mail

It seems that nearly every time I look up it's Friday afternoon. This has happened four times already since Christmas ended and here I am in February with January already behind me.

It's not that busyness has gotten the better of me. It's just that I'm in the midst of a time of deep concentration and focus- to stay committed to schooling, to taking care of myself, my home and my family- that each day seems to go quicker than the next.

This week marks the beginning of the third trimester for this pregnancy. And with my arms spread open wide, I generously embrace the next three months ahead of me with one arm while preparing, nesting and planning furiously with the other arm.

I know that three months is not long. I know that there is much to do, to decide upon, to create, to plan, to wash, to organize and to enjoy.

Tonight I am thinking about sewing and spring.

I am thinking ahead to the items I'd like to make either before or after this little babe arrives. And although there are dozens of ideas and projects tumbling through my mind, I have chosen to focus on one theme- Sophia's Spring wardrobe.

And so I am happy that I have this on order to make something like this.
And this coming in the mail soon to add as an embellishment to these- like I made last Spring.

Little by little. Stitch by stitch I will make something for this child to wear during the warm and breezy months ahead of us (I know they are there just waiting... I just can't feel them yet!).

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Jackie said...

ah, the sewing bug returns...i love that dress!