Thursday, May 21, 2009

sewing: lazy days style

After spending several weeks scouring local thrift shops, consignment stores and one of my favorite online clothing shops for children without any success, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

What I was looking for specifically were a few summer dresses and skirts for Sophia.

So I did what any decent mother with a sewing machine and a set of some basic sewing skills would do and made her a few summer skirts.

I've had my eye on this sewing tutorial since last Fall and was able to make a little space in my weekend to sew up a few of these Lazy Days Skirts.

I used linen for the fabric and chose some contrasting ribbon for the hem. I am really loving these skirts and the way they fit Sophia- she looks like a little girl and I love that. So far she has worn them with a peasant-style blouse and a pretty tank and they look adorable both ways.


Amanda L. said...

Well done Jill! We have the same feelings about girls clothing. Too trend,y too young. I'm proud of you for sewing those skirts..they are darling! May have to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

They're simple and beautiful. The one I saw her wearing was perfect for summer. You are such a great mother!! Your kids are so blessed to have such a caring mom.

Jackie said...

love those!

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

our minds must think alike as I'm about to make some lazy days skirts for my girls...for the same reasons that you mention! I even put the link in my sidebar to remind me to do it asap! love your skirts.

Mommy K said...

I make all my girls' summer dresses. They don't even want skirts...just dresses! I have a few easy patterns I can send your way if you are interested!

Keljo said...

Great skirts--I'd love to see how yours come out. I'm a very beginner sewer and I'm looking for patterns for skirts and dresses for myself. I just can't face the mall!