Wednesday, February 10, 2010

february fourteenth

So after getting over the big letdown of not getting snowed in today (10 to 14 inches of snow was predicted to fall on us through the course of today and we only got about two inches of wet drizzle), my mind has promptly and happily turned towards the big day smack-dab in the middle of this cold month.

We are having a bit of confusion in our home over whether to celebrate Valentine's Day or the Chinese New Year, both falling on the 14th this year.

It was Sophia who first brought up the idea of celebrating Chinese New Year and loaded up her library bag with half a dozen books on Chinese New Year and the like last week during our weekly library outing.

Since then she has gone back and forth, unable to decide which one holds more relevance in her eight-year old life. I think the promise of sweet, pink sugary treats that Valentine's Day holds is slowly winning her allegiances over by the day.

We have been enjoying one book in particular and the children just loved trying to figure out the Lantern Riddles during our bedtime reading last night. Our favorite-
It looks green, But it opens red. What you eat is red, But what you spit out is black.
... a watermelon!

Lots of simple, festive recipes for moon cakes, spring rolls and rabbit-in-the-moon cookies as well.It is evident that Sophia has been reading these books because she keeps insisting that we put all of our knives away on Sunday to symbolize the new year. She also sent our little neighbor friend a Chinese New Year card with drawings of colorful paper lanterns strung above a fire-breathing dragon stating "Gung hey fat choy" (or more accurately "Gongxi facai") which means happy new year or wishing you prosperity. Her family was thrilled to receive a card celebrating their special day!

I did find these adorable printables for Valentine's Day cards as well as this list of printables and am planning to supply the children with plenty of paper, fabric, ribbons, glue and the like to make their own cards. Friday afternoon always seem to be a time for handicrafts in our house.
Aside from the obvious celebrations of the weekend, we are also celebrating something even more spectacular than a new year or a single day of love... our ten year wedding anniversary.

I am hoping to write a special post in honor of our ten year celebration for Friday complete with photos.

What are you celebrating this weekend?
Have you made any preparations as of yet?

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