Sunday, January 24, 2010

how a trip to the winter farmers market...

made my weekend complete! Sophia and I headed off to our local winter farmers market this afternoon and came home with a bounty of locally grown, wholesome, beautiful food.

My head is already filled with all of the great uses and recipes that these foods with be used in during the week- chili, pesto pasta, frittata with fresh cheese, roasted rosemary potatoes.

The market was hustling and bustling and filled with every type of vendor from cheesemakers to felted wool artisans and bakers. After strolling around once to taste and see, we took another sweep through and filled our bags with our favorites.

Some of what we brought home today... raw milk from this farm, lemony pesto, dozens of pastured eggs from Araucana chickens, Brigid's Abbey cheese made with raw milk from this cheese shop, grass-fed beef, organic mesclun greens, three grain boule, fingerling potatoes and fresh rosemary.

Sophia also bought a bit of maple sugar candy- her favorite- with this last week's allowance. She is as weak as I am when it comes to sweets and homemade goodness!

Today's lunch was simple and started being dreamed into reality during the ride home from the market- fresh cheese, mesclun and pesto on sliced bread- all from the market, all locally grown.

Could an afternoon get any better?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my perfect day as well! Thinking of you. xoxo chrissy

Amanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon with your daughter! We should go together sometime!