Wednesday, August 08, 2012

liquid gold

As the years go by, and my life experience adds up... along with a few simple homesteading skills, my list of items that are considered liquid gold continues to expand!

Tonight I will add beef stock to my already crowded list of breastmilk, maple syrup, coconut oil, cod liver oil and red wine.

After nearly two days of simmering, tonight I added four quarts of rich, velvety homemade beef stock to my freezer to use in the future for soups and stews. It felt a bit odd to be thinking about stock on a steamy August afternoon, but I knew that my efforts would not be in vain.

It seems that every so often I am encouraged to revisit our nutrition philosophies and recommit to looking at the big picture when it comes to feeding our family. Pondering the never-ending surplus of sugar and flour at literally every turn. Feeling guilt-ridden about the over-indulgence of desserts had by my children this summer. Thinking about nourishing meals that do not require ceaseless snacking in between.

These realizations have been the catalyst needed to stay the course and get back in to the rhythm of making good, deliberate choices about what, where and how we are eating together as a family. Being sure to tend my garden even when I don't feel like getting out in the heat, lining up my children once again for that spoonful of cod liver oil, saying no to the endless requests for sweets and treats even if it is met with tears and sulking!

What is going on in your kitchen these days?
What do you consider to be liquid gold!?

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