Saturday, August 25, 2012

summer's end

Summer's end is in sight. And although we have just returned from our 'summer vacation'- a lovely week away to a lake house in Vermont- my mind is turning towards the upcoming school year.

With our last week of summer looming on the horizon our house and home have taken a different turn.

Books are piled high on every flat surface in sight. Tin whistles, binders, history cards and science books lie within plain sight of my children. They are curious, trying their hand at blowing on whistles, flipping through books and peering over countertops to see what exactly the mysterious stacks hold. While I  have busied myself with last-minute orders from booksellers, late night readings of character building guides and sorting through thoughts on the 'one room schoolhouse' concept.

Fretting over our lack of storage, and space for that matter, has become a full-time job for me these days. The nagging urge to simply get up already and make that trip to Ikea so you can solve all your problems just won't leave me alone. I am not naive enough to believe that proper storage units will solve all of life's problems, yet the mission still tempts me.

Books are being swapped, traded, borrowed and mailed across state lines in an effort to complete our homeschool bookslists for the upcoming year. E-mails are coming in like wildfire as the all-consuming topic of several of my friendships turns towards book recommendations, insights on narration ideas and which history biographies have been successes. 

It is surely that time of year's about to begin!!

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Jackie said...

and i am so not ready! everything manages to fall into a place and routine is established though so i'm trying not to fret *too* much. will miss sharing in the homeschool experience with you this year... :(