Saturday, June 09, 2012

summer begins

Yesterday marked the last day of 'formal academics' for my children and the beginning of a very sunny, wet and tasty 'summer vacation'.

We had the pleasure of being hosted by some new friends as guests for lunch and had a chance to experience the pleasure of watching some new ducklings settle into their new home. They are just as fluffy and yellow as I have imagined them to be!

The children picked some fresh sorrel from to garden to add to our potato and bacon soup. The lemony sorrel went so perfectly with the smoky bacon and comforting potatoes... certainly left us all feeling satisfied. With freshly baked sourdough bread and some slices cheese on the side it made an amazingly delicious meal.

We were able to take home some books to borrow as well. Summer reading is such an exciting prospect to me. I'm not sure that my children feel as enthusiastically about it as I do, but nevertheless there is some amazing, rich, inspiring reading material to keep us occupied over the next few weeks.

Today, Luca and I went to the farmers market and left with some delicious and nourishing items. One item did not quite make it out of the market... Luca devoured the ham, cheese and sundried tomato pastry on the spot!

We then headed spontaneously to a local strawberry field and picked our first quart of strawberries this summer. I gave the 'baby' berried to Luca to eat and kept the best berries to take home. We both left satisfied.

Summer indeed is upon us!

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