Sunday, June 10, 2012

birthday cake

We are blessed to have several 'June birthdays' in our extended family. Today we celebrated three generations worth of birthdays and enjoyed the warmth of the day together.

My sister baked the birthday cake, and when I say 'the' birthday cake, I mean the birthday cake! It was perfectly delicious and was just right for a late-spring-almost-summer celebration.

I am still dreaming about this lemon-raspberry cake!

My sister is such an amazing baker and has earned herself a pretty superb repetoire of baked goods (and non-baked goods like her homemade 'Lara' bars!). It is great to have a partner in life who is as enthusiastic about preparing homemade, nourishing, delicious food to our families as I am!

Thank you for taking time out of your already-full life to make our day so special... and delicious!

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Lara Sorich said...

I really like this post!!! Happy Birthday to all! ps...that cake looks divine!!! Way to go Bethany!