Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I'm tired. It's getting late and I ought to be heading up to bed. But it's JUNE... my favorite month of the year and I am hopeful and feeling a bit of energy at this late hour due to excitement, and hope and enjoyment of the quiet moment that I am experiencing right now.

We are winding down our homeschool for the year. This week and then next week, then we are on summer vacation. Oh, how I long for summer vacation.

I recently read that summer vacation is a time to put academics aside and let children become tall and tan! I love that idea. It surely is a reality in our home.

Some last minute thoughts as I am ending my day...

  • So thrilled to have ordered some new clothes for Luca. My favorite silk/wool blend. A shirt and some snappy overalls. I can just picture him stomping around in them!
  • My children want to make iced tea tomorrow and add the fresh spearmint that a friend just gave to us. I am looking forward to this too.
  • Set some 'summertime goals' for us this year. On the list we have riding a horse, beach going, berry picking and some great bits of literature (Robin Hood for the boys!). Oh, and I really intend to finish reading The Wind in the Willows aloud to my children... it's only been two years now that I've been trying!
  • Looking ahead to my birthday celebration next week and the opening day of my favorite farmers market in my area!


coffeemamma said...

Try the Wind in the Willows on audio! It made a world of difference in our enjoyment of the book.

Anonymous said...

Good goals mama bear!
I visit your blog every month or so and I am impressed with your posts!
Even though we did not make the iced tea yet!!