Tuesday, May 10, 2011

luca is one

Our baby turned one today. It literally seems like we are still reeling in that new baby-overjoyed-swooning stage one year later!

I think it has everything to do with three older siblings who haven't stopped doting on him since last May when he became 'one of them'. They adore him, protect him, feed him, carry him, wrestle with him, tickle him and scold him when he interferes with their play! True love indeed.

I have no original words to share tonight. No life lessons on infancy. Nor will I share Luca's birth story like I had thought about. Instead I will simply sit here tonight humbled and revel in the miracle of human life, growth, change, love.

We love you Luca. You are a constant 'light' in our home each and every day!

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emily said...

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations! My baby brother was the youngest of 4 kids, and he was our dream-come-true.