Friday, April 22, 2011

nest eggs

This is what we found over the weekend carefully concealed and nestled in our bush out back. I have seen this mother robin working steadily each day bringing bits of twig and grass to build this golden nest to create a safe haven for her new baby to be born. It was amazing to see the fruits of her labor up close and personal today. And I just cannot stop thinking about this unfolding animal miracle already in process occurring merely feet away from our own human world.

Ironically enough we had just spend the morning coloring eggs of our own- some even a close resemblance of that classic and cheerful 'robin's egg blue' that we spied in our yard.

The egg. Such a symbol of life, hope, new beginnings, warmth, love and selflessness. Once it is laid, pure instinct must take over to protect, warm and grow that egg into the life that is planned inside of it. There is no other thought, motive or drive present in the body, heart and mind of that mother bird than to nurture.

I was contemplating motherhood this morning fresh out of the shower and was imagining an egg- with its layers of smooth, fragile shell and slippery, solid white protecting that inner golden life in the center, the yolk- as a symbol of my life as a mother.

And deep down inside the center is immeasurable joy and purpose. So many times I feel that joy spilling out of the center and seeping through the cracks of responsibility and hard work that mothering young children requires. And at other times I can hardly remember that there is anything deeper and more valuable than a flimsy shell. That yolk is the richest most vital part- the utmost nourishing and purposeful portion of the egg, and yet it is hard not to let the outer coverings conceal or keep that center from being felt, seen tasted in the everyday moments of each day.

And so I am attempting to savor the smaller moments of the day and trying to capture my thoughts and emotions and keep them true to my vision. I am taking the time to step back and observe the little bits of our day that I know are the fruits of my labor and the result of my instincts winning out and feeling oh-so good about all of it.

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