Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter week

We are taking the week off from schooling this week to prepare for Easter. This is a tradition of ours and it just seems fitting to work towards slowing things down a bit as we lead up to this sacred day.

Sophia made a book with each day of the week and Scripture to read leading up to Easter. Yesterday we read about Jesus cleansing the temple and it made quite a big impression as we talked about keeping the church holy and sacred as a house of prayer as Christ called it.

We always make Resurrection Cookies each year on the night before Easter and each year my children boast how they are going to taste the vinegar... but never get up the nerve to do so!

It seems that the majority of our week has been spent socializing as we have and will continue to visit with friends and family all this week.

Yesterday my children ended up drenched up to their waists from playing in the woods surrounding our friends' home. They just couldn't help themselves despite the stern (ah, unrealistic?) warning to stay dry during our visit. I think this could be the first of many moments being tempted by spring's thaw!

Elias turned five last week! It was a week-long celebration that ended with his first ever 'friend party' which consisted of two sibling groups. I offered to host more of his friends but he was very set on wanting a quiet party!

Here are some photos from the week of celebrating that consisted of family, friends, almond cake, lemon cake, berries and whipped cream, a book basket and felt-wrapped sweets for party favors and a Children of the Forest-inspired bulletin board for his bedroom!

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kyrie said...

I love the bulletin board!!! So clever! And is that The Boats on the River book I spy? We love that one too :) xo