Wednesday, March 02, 2011

rhythm of the home spring edition

So it seems that March really is off to a good start. We have a couple days of sunshine, good school days, healthy children and good sleep habits under our belts and it feels like nothing can take the swing out of our steps at this point!

Another thrilling experience has also been enjoyed by one proud mother. I have had the honor to see an article of mine published in one of my favorite online magazines specializing in natural living, handmade, and seasonal celebrations- Rhythm of the Home.

Please link over to Rhythm of the Home to read about the ways in which we as mothers can celebrate the areas in life where we are thriving along the journey in my article Thriving.

I will keep the Rhythm of the Home link button up on my sidebar this season and hope that you will visit often and find inspiration and new ideas as you read about connecting with, playing with, celebrating, warming and nurturing your family!

Welcome Spring!

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