Thursday, March 24, 2011

where spring has found me

I blinked and March, this very 'in between' month is almost through. I can see April from where I sit and I am loving the view.

My little blog turned four years old this month and I feel so satisfied knowing that amidst all of the pouring out of me that occurs in a day's time that a little of it flows freely into this space.

It is not what I want it to be. The banner photos are in dire need of being updated to some cheerful spring photos of our family life. My infrequent posting makes me feel like less of a writer than I would like to see myself as. And the little glimpses of the life that I share here are just that- glimpses. They in no way capture all of my present reality and just barely tap into the current state of my heart and soul.

There is so much to say and so little time it seems these days.

Spring is upon us... my favorite season. It is gentle and full of hope and unfolds ever so slowly, often much slower than I would like it to. As the world is waking up to a new season and new life is brimming all around, there are changes, shifts and new growth in my life as well...

  • My baby is ten months and walking now. Yesterday he walked to his brother's dresser drawer, opened it, took out a pair of pants and brought them to him with pride.
  • I have begun homeschooling my niece. She is being driven down from New Hampshire two days a week to spend her time with us and to allow me the humble duty of helping her finish off her eighth grade year.
  • My husband's business is bursting with newness and abundance. He is fulfilling his purpose in life and has an outlet to channel his passions and energy into outside of family life.
  • I am hesitantly opening the door to what may possibly be the next chapter in one of our children's education. There are so many dark spots and blind curves and I am praying for guidance and some light to illuminate the way.
  • We are taking steps towards taking our health to the next level and seeing where our time, resources and finances leave us on this quest towards what we want for our family.

Where has spring found you?

What big questions and new beginnings are you pondering these days?
How are you being challenged and changed by your current reality?


ksorce said...

Jill, I seriously LOVE reading your posts. You are a great writer and you inspire me to be a better mother and homemaker. Thanks for taking the time to invest in others!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Spring has found us making changes too, planning a move, planning a new curriculum for next year etc. My babies were late walkers. Princess Snifflefritz has only just started walking and she is 15 months old.

Sophia Houle said...

Great post! I love how you talk about
all of the little details in this!