Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been preparing for our Michaelmas celebration today for over a week now. We started preparing last week with our daily reading of Saint George and the Dragon (Saint George is the earthly counterpart to Saint Michael), our coloring work based on the story of Saint George, reading about Michael the angel, focusing our morning poetry on Saint Michael and lots of conversations about overcoming evil and choosing good.

In addition to all of this talk about knights, dragon slaying and bravery, my boys did their best this morning to wield sword and shield as bravely and proudly as they could in order to act out the stories we have been reading about.

Today we focused on making 'Dragon Pie' (scroll down on link for the recipe). This of course was much-anticipated by all of the children and the excitement did not wear off in the least during the preparing, baking and eating of this delicious spicy apple and blackberry pie.

In addition to some morning school work, I planned to focus today on the actual making and baking of the pie and literally gave the children the pleasure and responsibility of doing every step themselves. It was phenomenal to watch them work so hard at measuring, cutting, stirring, spooning, leveling, spreading, rolling and sprinkling with all their might.

Our Dragon Pie was tart, delicious and enjoyed by all.

grotesque, yet accurate portrayal of Saint George 'severing' the dragon's tail

Nicolas cutting the butter to make the pastry dough

getting ready to add the 'ice water' to the mixture

the boys unwrapping the chilled dough

peeling them apples!

preparing to roll out the dough for the bottom of the pie

the filling: apples, blackberries, sugar, nutmeg and cloves before being set to boil

our finished Michaelmas Pie

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Jackie said...

so cool! what a neat, full and complete learning experience.