Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Luca's first week at home has come and gone. I have to say, it has been a dream.

I keep finding myself hesitant to say how wonderfully it is going, bringing home a fourth child and all, and feel that everyone around me is thinking just wait. Just wait for the gas to start, the sleepy baby perking up and getting fussy, the sleepless nights to come. Just wait.

I guess that is the only negative thinking that is going on around here lately. I don't want to appear naive or overly positive and then have things deteriorate quickly leaving me sorely disappointed and pitied by friends and family.

But I am going against my prideful feelings and shouting to the world... things are just perfect!

We had a chance to resume some normal activities over the weekend and found ourselves (mother and nursling that is) at a baseball game, church and a ballet rehearsal. I am taking it slow and easy but also feeling that tug to be present for my other children as well.

It was a wonderful weekend full of firsts and exciting events... photos for the ballet that Sophia will dance in next weekend as a pixie, the game ball for Nicolas on Sunday and Elias chose to lose his training wheels and is zooming full-speed ahead on two wheels. So much pride as a mother.

We also had a chance to introduce Luca to our amazing homeschool community during our Share Day with our homeschool co-op on Monday. The children shared what they had learned and practiced for all season- a chorus performance, some Keva building and an Artist Trading
Cards display and swap.

Not everyday is so full. I need to now more than ever remember my vision of being at home more than I am out of the home especially during these early days of bringing home a new baby. Today I have cozied in, donned my wool socks and layers of soft stretchy clothing, enjoyed a super chocolaty brownie brought by a friend and am secretly feeling thankful for the chilly, wet day that is keeping us indoors.


Jackie said...

seeing sophia in her costume makes me want to go see the show this weekend...
and while changes are inevitable, we will keep praying for smooth, easy transitions for you and luca.

Anonymous said...

Sophia look s so beautiful !!!!