Thursday, May 20, 2010

first bath

Luca had his first bath tonight. It was a family affair. The water temperature was tested by numerous fingertips and elbows. The wash, cloth and towel were set just so as to be ready for use when needed. The dry clothes were laid out. And the camera was ready for a few shots.

Not unlike his brothers and sister, Luca really disliked his first out-of-womb immersion in a warm water bath. It was a sad sight to be sure. We hurried it along as quickly as possible trying hard not to allow the torture to drag on. This poor little creature looked so helpless.

The best part was rescuing him from the water and wrapping him tightly in his warm towel. His big brother Nicolas knew just what he needed to calm down... a little finger to suck on.

Here was his experience in a few snapshots.


Kristen Taylor said...

soo sweet! :0)

jessica said...

he is perfect beautiful. i am happy and thankful to get a peak at luca and your other babies too. please send everyone our love, hugs, and kisses and know that we are thinking of you. talk to you soon. enjoy. love, jessica

Anonymous said...

what sweet photos. My faves are the one with his arms plaintively held out for rescue and the one where he is sucking Nick;s finger. Life just doesn't get better than that, does it ?