Friday, May 14, 2010

day five

Luca is five days old. And already, so much is changing around here.

  • Today is the first day I am feeling a bit clear-headed and mentally present. I blame the first few foggy days on the oxytocin rush that I was experiencing from breastfeeding and milk production. I have been getting excellent amounts of rest but feeling extremely doped out and mellow. My milk came in withing the first 24 hours after he was born and he was ready and waiting for all of that nourishment indeed. Maybe things are starting to regulate a bit.
  • Luca has already regained the weight he lost in the first few days... and then some. He didn't need the first two weeks to get back to his birth weight!
  • No more umbilical cord. Nope. He lost it today while all three children were holding him in my bed. They called out to tell me and I hardly believed them. It seems so early!
  • Luca's cheeks are already filling out. Now they are rosy and plump!
  • Thinking back to the birth just five short days ago and really starting to revisit the experience both mentally and emotionally. It was phenomenal. Starting to think about writing the birth story and where to begin with it... days, hours or minutes before the actual birth?


Jackie said...

was he yawning or was there a scream emanating from that wide open mouth? such a cute shot! i wish i had eased into life with a newborn as gracefully as you glad all is going so smoothly for you!

lovingmom said...

He is precious! We would love to meet him and hold him (well, all of your little ones for that matter!). The girls went ooooohhhhh and ahhhhhhh over him for awhile:) CONGRATS! We miss you and love you all! God bless....