Thursday, May 13, 2010

first encounters

One of the most amazing aspects of bringing home a new baby is the meeting, greeting and bonding of siblings that occurs. Birth orders are shuffled. Pecking orders are rearranged and attention, focus and responsibilities shift enormously during these first few days and weeks. It is bittersweet for sure.

Luca has been held, hugged, kissed, snuggled, poked and licked dozens of times since his birth and I'm sure that it will only continue. Every child has a different way of getting to know him, you know?

A few shots of the first meeting and of our first two days at home...

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Anonymous said...

Jill... I just love your blog. Your family is beautiful and your stories of your children is refreshing and sweet! Wish I was there to meet & welcome Luca! Love to all... Raenal