Saturday, May 01, 2010

38 weeks

So this is me at 38 weeks- taken this afternoon. We are feeling the need to take more photos these days. We know that pretty soon there will not be a largely rounded silhouette busting forth to capture.

We welcomed the children back into the fold this afternoon. I missed them terribly after three days away and their little faces- missing tooth smiles, dimples, sun-kissed cheeks- looked as if they had changed in just the short time they were gone.

Needless to say, the stillness and quiet has left the house, but has been replaced with that ever-familiar energy, bustle and joy that these children bring to our family. I can literally feel the house shaking as I sit and write.

Today was also one of the first hot days after some really mild weather. I was tempted to get outdoors and sit in the sun while the kids ran through the sprinkler, but after about five minutes out on the steps I felt terribly overheated and icky.

After copious amounts of seltzer water and a request to please turn on the air conditioner on I felt amazing again.

I am struggling with finding the balance between finding rest and relaxation and an sinking into an utter state of laziness and feeling terribly lethargic and weak from too much resting.

After all, my mind and body need to be ready for labor and I want to keep up my strength and spirits. I feel so healthy and energetic, yet I have been given the prescription of a sick person. It's a real mind game and I've yet to figure out exactly where I need to be in all of this.

It is amazing to awake each day and wonder if today is the day- the day that our baby will be born. This is such a time of sweet anticipation. It is like no other time in life.

I am savoring each moment, each hour, each day and just know that he will come when he is ready.


Jackie said...

love that belly! glad you are doing well and got to enjoy some peace and quiet. i called today and when there was no answer i wondered...maybe today is the day. so many are anticipating this little one along with you!

Donna ~Blessed Nest said...

Enjoy the rest! Two weeks will go by fast. Praying for health and peace during this time.