Sunday, May 02, 2010

fighting nature

Today marks my fifth full day on bed rest. My midwife told me that if I start to feel tortured then I'm doing it right.

If that's the case, then I've perfected the act of bed rest, torturous feelings and all.

So you may wonder what I'm doing with all of the newly founded downtime?

What I essentially doing is fighting nature. I have been having strong nesting instincts for nearly a week now and it feels nearly torturous to try and take it easy while my insides are screaming go scrub something!

There has been a bit of washing and tidying and some light scrubbing. I will not lie. But there has been lots of virtual nesting as well. I have been been adding to my current nest to make room for a new baby while simultaneously maintaining the nest that I am already responsible for. I have to say that I am thankful for the internet and for this laptop for that matter.

In addition to browsing many beautiful things on the web, I've also purchases a few. I had started to lose count and then today realized that I will be receiving five packages at the start of this week... and that's not counting this amazing book that just got delivered last Wednesday.

The urge to sew has suddenly struck hard and so I have become a bit covetous of some of the amazing projects that are out there just waiting to be mail ordered and sewn.

Here are some of the books and patterns that I have been drooling over of late and some images to go along with them.

And although it feels oh-so right to start sewing up a batch of dresses made of French color cloth for mama and girls I know that it would be cheating.

So I must resist the urge to begin any major sewing projects and sit still and wait patiently for my next big project to begin... birth.


Amanda said...

I'm so excited for you! You look fabulous and you will be fabulous with this birth.

Love your sewing inspirations. Hang in there my friend!

lovingmom said...

Ah! I just checked your blog and I am going crazy with wondering how you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!
Please let us know the minute your little one is here!
Love you.