Friday, February 12, 2010

ten years

It was ten years ago today that I married the man I love most in life, the father of my children, my college boyfriend, my ever-so gentle and loving husband.

It is difficult to feel the significance of these milestone moments when everything in life around you is pulling your attention and time away from reflection. A full life- three energetic and creative children with wants, needs and dreams of their own, a responsibility to educate and nurture these children, a home that needs caring for, relationships to maintain, a social life to manage and plan with discernment, a new life growing inside, work outside of the home, a partner to support, love and carve out time for as well.

But today I will make every effort to let my mind wander back to a decade ago and let the vivid memories wash over me like an ocean wave- the broken night's sleep that I had before our wedding day, the rush to the hair salon with three friends and a sister who were just as excited to have their hair swept up as I was, the bagel with cream cheese that was lovingly brought my way for breakfast that morning, the calm I felt from putting on my own makeup before the wedding ceremony, the gentle snowfall that came right before our trip over to the reception, the delicious cake that was dropped behind the scenes after we had our first taste, the friends and family who honored us with their presence, the basket of cards and well-wishes that I held in my hands on our way up to the honeymoon suite.
The night I joined my life with another.

Wishing my love a happy ten years and looking forward to our quiet weekend together.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, you are soooo beautiful! And so is he!! Congratulations on ten wonderful years and all that has come from it.
Mary Beth

Jackie said...

happy anniversary! 10's gone so fast, hasn't it? hope you have a great celebratory weekend!

Jennifer Young said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your weekend together.

Carlita said...

Congratulations my friends we are so happy for you and hope that your weekend is just perfect!
Love Carlita

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

happy anniversary! we have a february wedding date as well. enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I had never seen your wedding pictures before ! How beautiful you are and Mike is so handsome as he gazes adoringly at you. What a tender description of your wedding day. Thanks for letting us share some of your memories.

Chuck said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you and Mike have a great Weekend.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures!

Sounds like a perfect day. You two are so good together and compliment each other quite well. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend together!

Christa said...

Jill! I just read this. I vividly remember your wedding...and I remember that I got my braces off a couple days later, haha! I can't believe it's that long ago...congratulations!