Monday, February 15, 2010

our getaway

Our weekend getaway celebrating ten years of wedded bliss was wonderful. And although a small glitch did manage to come our way, we still managed to enjoy some good time just the two of us.

our one photo of the two of us- taken at the inn right before dinner

Mike was hit by a stomach virus on Friday night, yes, our anniversary night, and was still feeling fatigued and a bit queasy Saturday morning.

As I woke to face the big day and was hit with the reality that our weekend was not going to go exactly as I had imagined it to. I was overcome with embittered emotions and dissolved to tears just after nine a.m.

As the tears streamed down my face, Mike slept peacefully in the living room, unable to stay awake for more than 20 minutes at a time and the children anticipated their Nannie (my mother) picking them up with bubbling excitement for the start of their weekend.

After laundering sheets, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, packing both the childrens' and our bags and several strong cups of tea, I was back to seeing life's silver lining and found myself adjusting to the unforeseen circumstances that literally lay right in front of me.

We did set off that afternoon to this cozy little bed and breakfast for 24 hours of peace, relaxation and feasting. Our stay was divine. Dinner was scrumptious. We slept like babies until eight in the morning. Woke to a sunny, cheerful February morning. Enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by the chef. And still had the afternoon to spare before the children would be brought back home right before dinnertime.

Ironically I had just been conversing about expectations and whether they were positive or negative with some friends last week. One friend shared that it is better to hope that something will happen rather than to expect it to.

. It just sounds more forgiving and less severe than expecting. And since broken expectations can be crushing to the heart and soul, I vow to alter my verbiage from this point on and will now simply hope that the things in life that I desire will come to be rather than to expect them to.

Lesson learned.

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