Saturday, December 12, 2009


One of the best things about starting your own family are the old traditions that get the chance to be carried on and the new traditions that get to be started for the first time.

For our family, one of those new traditions is cutting down our own Christmas tree.

This splendid day just happen to coincide with our first snowfall of the season. And although it was just a dusting of snow, the ground was white and the world looked a bit softer and quieter when we woke up that morning.

I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the entire experience is the part where we walk and walk in search of that perfect tree. At times it feels like aimless wandering, but in the end all five of us end up agreeing on the same tree.

This year we decided to make our own eggnog. It was a simple recipe that required nothing but patience on the part of both the children and Mike. After four hours of cooking and cooling we were able to sip on some of the tastiest and spiciest eggnog that I have ever tasted. Somehow, nutmeg just makes everything taste better.

Somehow I think that the eggnog tradition will continue to be carried on for years to come also.

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Chuck said...

So your saying that your next post will be your yummy eggnog recipe? I love our family traditions and cutting a fresh tree every year was one that Becky and I enjoy even more now that we have children included in the experience. Great pictures - Next time you need to make sure there is one of you too!