Friday, December 18, 2009

handicrafts and carols

We had a chance on Monday to participate in our third and final Winter Craft Days with our homeschool co-op. This week we dipped candles. We took turns walking in a line and rotated dipping our candles. Some of the younger dippers tuckered out before their candles were finished so I ended up dipping two sets while my kids played with their co-op friends for one of the last times this year.

Some of the other handicrafts that we've had a chance to experience were making felted wool soap and braiding rag rugs.I have so enjoyed these crafts and can't wait to try them on my own at home.

After the candles were dipped and we hung them to set, we all gathered around and sang Christmas songs. It was a spectacular and precious hour where the children were given the opportunity to choose their own carols and lead the rest of the group in chorus.

The children felt so proud to be able to stand on stage and sing their songs. There were some sweet moments, like when Sophia and her friends sang Silent Night. There were also several comedic moments such as when Nicolas, Elias and their good friend Michael and his little brother Mark volunteered to lead the group in singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. There was not a dry eye in the room after laughing so hard that we cried . These boys need to take their show on the road. Seriously.

It was a wonderful time spent using our hearts and hands to prepare for the Christmas season.

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Jackie said...

still bitter that i missed the caroling! is that cute little blonde really mark? i can't believe how old he looks!