Tuesday, December 29, 2009

simple pleasures

Presents were wrapped carefully and then torn open within seconds
Hair was curled and proudly shown
Bows on dresses were tied
Feasts were had
Stockings were dug through with excitement
Cars were packed
Candy canes were used as straws in mugs of hot chocolate
Bedtimes were ignored
Family time abounded
Chocolate and peppermint become a daily staple
Simplicity of the season was savored
And here we are home now settling back in. It was truly a Christmas to remember. The children were thankful for every gift they opened even if it wasn't something they wished for. Schedules were halted and time was afforded for time spent doing nothing except enjoy one another's company.

Week 20 of my pregnancy brought with it many changes. An expanding waistline and enormous amount of movement from our growing baby. For those of my friends who have chuckled each week as they commented on how non-pregnant I have looked a big surprise is in store the next time they see me.

My husband surprised me with a gift that I had dropped a gentle hint about weeks ago but didn't really believe would be taken quiet so seriously. Minutes before five o'clock on Christmas Eve our mail carrier delivered a small package from Australia with this gorgeous felted wool necklace wrapped inside. It's even more beautiful in person.

We have a tradition to exchange gifts with one another on Christmas Eve after the children are tucked snugly into bed and after the last gift is placed under the Christmas tree. Just him and I. Needless to say it's very quiet and the peace and stillness is encouraged all the more by the dim lights surrounding us in nearly every corner of our living room.

Sadly I came home with a bad bout of sinusitis that I thought I had gotten rid of. The holidays have a way of allowing me to let down my defenses enough just enough to stop fighting off the viruses I've been exposed to all year long.

And although last few days have been unpleasant, it has given my children a chance to nurture and care for me. I boldly proclaimed a seven o'clock bedtime for myself last night even though Mike would be at work until after eight. The children picked up their toys, brushed their teeth, donned their warmest winter pajamas and tucked me into bed with every ounce of care and concern that a good nurse would.

They made sure that all my needs were met- neti pot used, humidifier turned on, tissues by the bedside, waste basket next to bed, eucalyptus rub generously applied, lip balm readily available and a cool glass of water by my bed. They played nicely in their rooms as instructed and insisted on checking on me every 10 minutes until that Dad arrived home.

Sophia even gave me a gentle head massage and rubbed my tired feet down with our favorite treat for our skin this winter. What a nurturing little soul!

So as I try my best to heal, I am warmed and soothed by the memories that were made during our Christmas celebration this year.

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Jackie said...

such caring and thoughtful kids! i hope it is doing the trick and you are well on your way to being better. sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas tho'.