Friday, January 01, 2010

purpose in the new year

A new year begins. And although I am not one to make formal new year's resolutions I am always drawn into a time of introspection as I reflect on the year past and the new one unfolding in front of me.

It is always with wonder and gratitude that I review the year gone by. I am so thankful that there is rarely a single regret or disappointment ever felt as I think back on what I as an individual and we collectively as a family experienced, learned and created over the year.

Today I sit in a quiet house, waking much later than usual, and think about what I will strive for this year.

I think long and hard about it. This is easy to do when one is surrounded by complete silence and no ambition other than to be still and reflect.

And the word purpose comes to mind. It trails in and out of my sleepy, yet focused brain and just won't leave me alone. I have no choice but to think long and hard about the reality of having purpose in one's life.

I think about my purpose and am filled with confidence and contentment as I am assured that this is not a mystery to me. I feel blessed because I believe that I have found my earthly purpose and have had the opportunity to fulfill it and live it out to the fullest degree.

Being called to be a wife and mother, in my opinion, is the highest calling on this earth and one that comes directly from our Heavenly Father. It is one which demands humility, quiet strength and a strong vision, because it is the least applaudable of all occupations and rarely ever recognized as a worthwhile calling or as true work.

One can spend a lifetime caring for and nurturing the people in their own home and receive little more than a pat on the back. It is easy to lose heart and to compromise along this journey. But cutting corners comes as a high cost. One that I am not willing to pay.

So it has become a discipline for me over the last decade to find wells of encouragement and springs of inspiration to nourish and refresh me on this journey in the form of books, friendships, enrichment activities and God's word itself.

I am blessed to be surrounded by many family and friends who also value the high calling of motherhood and feeling encouraged daily on this journey on which I have been fortunate enough to begin on. And although there are so many different types of mothers, families and parenting styles in this world I believe that the majority of us have the same vision. And it is this vision that creates bonds and strengthens communities- cornerstones of support and encouragement for this higher purpose.

So as I look to the year ahead, I vow to take each day for what it is worth- a chance to live out this purpose and to continue striving for what is good, worthwhile and valuable. I plan to not take lightly the needs of these little souls around me and to meet them daily with as much simplicity and love as I can find. To be sure that every choice made comes from a place of love and not of spite or a desire to be noticed or commended. To keep my motives in check and to pray for the strength and patience that is needed to continually place other's needs above my own.


lovingmom said...

You are inspiring. I miss you.

Chelsea said...

the perfect wish for a brand new year -- AND brand new decade. I wish you joy and inner-peace with this brave and dear challenge you have set up for yourself. There is warm support here -- in the blog world -- for you, as well. +Chelsea

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

I love this post, thank you for sharing! Your words are beautiful and I echo the same thoughts. May 2010 be filled with purpose!!