Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bedtime stories

Every so often we I fall in love with a set of picture books. It seems that our picture book reading has become more and more infrequent as we spend the majority of our time now reading chapter books and living books about nature, science and history.

It's sad for me when I think about it. Whenever I do realize that days have gone by without reading a good picture book, I always try and do something about it.

So recently we checked several books out from the library by Mary Pope Osborne that are illustrated by Giselle Potter- one of our favorite illustrators- that we have all just fallen in love with.

Sleeping Bobby, Kate and the Beanstalk and The Brave Little Seamstress have become part of our bedtime routine for the last week or so and are gently lulling little and big hearts alike into a dreamy state of bliss.

The artwork alone is simply gorgeous and the twist on these traditional fairy tales has been really enjoyable.

Sleeping Bobby is a story of true love and rescuing, except in this case it is the princess doing the noble deed and bringing the sleeping prince back to life. In the end, the princess and prince fall in love and immediately get married.

Needless to say, this is beyond disgusting and repulsive to my six-year old son who has vowed that he will never ever want to kiss a girl or marry one for that matter!

It makes me chuckle and reminds me of the simplicity and innocence of childhood.

You've just got to love bedtime stories.


Jackie said...

oh, yes, we love those stories too! and they are really fun for me to read out loud. m.p.o has quite the imagination and rather prolific too.

Jill (Kristen's cousin) said...

Hi Jill,
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