Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ballet day

Monday was Parent's Observation at Sophia's ballet school. Each semester the parents get to sit in on a class and observe their child taking and executing instruction. It's always so interesting to see how my children respond to other teacher's authority when I am so used to living out my mother-teacher role with the children on a daily basis.

This is Sophia's fourth year of taking ballet lessons. Her school is a classical ballet school in the area that also presents The Nutcracker each holiday season for the community to enjoy. This year Sophia was cast as a Toy Soldier in the battle scene. Her brothers are quite proud that their sister gets to fight off the mice and rats with a weapon. Terribly exciting.

The thing that strikes me most about the whole experience is the degree of concentration with which each girl responds to her teacher's instruction. It is truly a result of continual training and consistent attention.

I have to admit to the amount of pride that swells inside of me during each of these times of parent observation. Seeing how she grows each time is really remarkable and knowing that it is her taking the lead and asking for this ballet instruction makes it even more enjoyable.


barefootrooster said...

ballet was a big part of my life as a little girl and teenager. these pictures are so sweet!

Jessica Torrant said...
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Jessica Torrant said...

Wow, one day it's me and Bethany at Steppin' Up with our moms in the waiting room, the next it's your daughter looking as beautiful as ever. Life is amazing. My mom would love these pics I'm going to have to show her your blog when I visit them tomorrow. Love you Sophia and so proud of you! PS I'd LOVE to see the Nutcracker so let me know the dates so we can get tickets.