Friday, April 17, 2009

choosing contentment

Friday afternoons... something carefree and simple about them. Especially when it is nearly 70 degrees out, gentle sunlight shining down upon your little life and you can not only feel spring in the air, but also smell it, taste it and hear the sounds you've been waiting to hear for months now.

A moment to steal away while one is napping and two others are outdoors bike riding, wrapping twine around things they probably shouldn't be, chewing gum, drawing on driveways and attempting to chase butterflies around the neighborhood.

My mind is peaceful, yet filled with ideas, aspirations and projects-
a new paint color for our schoolroom, some pretty paper to line and transform a small bookshelf with, the umbrella I've been eyeing for the patio table, the haircuts I've been meaning to give my boys.
But there is not time for a master plan right now. Right now there is simply room for the breeze blowing through my dining room window to tickle my bare arm. Room for the sound of singing and skipping coming from the front lawn. Room to let me bare feet sink deeply into the floor below me and humm, buzz and vibrate a bit as they relax from the earlier part of the days outings.

There is the front door swinging open and close faster than I can keep count of. The sound of the washing machine swish-swashing our clothes clean again. The pattern kept by the dog across the street rhythmically barking high-low, high-low. And the occasional plane, car or bird whizzing above, across or outside of our house.

Simple. Life being lived, not forced.

Who am I to disturb this moment?

For now I will just take this all in and choose to be content with the moment, with my current state of house and home and the straggly little head of hair on my three-year old.

Right now I will choose contentment.

Happy Friday right now to anyone who is reading this...


renee @ FIMBY said...

I'm reading it while having my own happy friday contentment, having just finished an ice cream cone from the corner shop with kids. Right now i just want to sit, feel & listen.

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

yes! what a beautifully written description of soaking in the sounds & sights all around...our friday was quite content as well. enjoy your weekend.

Jackie said...

sounds lovely...we had a good friday too. took the day off from school since it was so beautiful and the kids got to play out all day while i did some yard work and still hit the library and park for a bit.

Chuck said...

It was a beautiful day and despite Ariel feeling a little under the weather due to allergy season - her and Alex had a great afternoon playing in the back yard and even let the chickens free-range with them as they played in the woods - it was a great start to a long weekend!