Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a bit of color for my world

Spring. It's here and it feels oh-so good. One of the things I love most about Spring is the change that it brings. Lighter. Fresher. A chance to start new.

I thought I would share a little inspiration with you and a few treats that I have found as a way to mark the change of the seasons. Like I've said before, my mind is always turning and spinning up ideas of how I'd like to transform my world to be more beautiful and useful.

Here is a bit of what I'm liking, no, loving, right now...

This darling little (free, yes, free) print that I got from Feed Your Soul: the free art project site. I chose this print for Sophia's room and I find the motto so fitting for this child- Do Something.

My creative, spirited, wheels-always-turning seven-going-on-eight year old is always, always doing something. I cannot keep up with all of her plans, but she usually finds a way of executing them with or without me. I love that she has imagination, determination and the courage to begin new things in life each and every day. I know she will love this.

This quirky little print below is all mine. I'm fond of everything in it, from the colors, to the birds, to the striped tights that this little headless woman is wearing. Strange. Bizarre. Yes. But somehow oh-so appealing to me. This is, of course, for my side of the bed.

You know those curtains that I am always writing about? Well here are two dream fabrics that I've spotted that look like they're just waiting for me to cut, pin, sew and hang in my living area. Big decisons. Really big.

And now for my favorite. I spotted this bag a month ago and agonized about whether or not to buy it. It is called Plain Leaves in Sky Blue from bayan hippo handmade and just seems to embody everything that I love about this season (not to mention that there is enough space in it to carry a good book for when I am out and about alone and some necessary kid-essentials when I am traveling with three little humans in tow). I did buy it. I love everything about it. It was a very good decision.

So that's my little bit of sharing for today. Just a few things that are bringing a smile to my face and a bit of color to my world right now...

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Kelly said...

I just found your site and I love it already. My best friend and I just started a blog a few days ago and I've added your site to the list of blogs we love Looking forward to following:)