Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last week was everything I hoped it would be. Except for several chilly, rain-filled days, our week was perfect- no agenda, nothing scheduled, time to just be and to enjoy one another.

A tranquil home indeed.

Today was a very special day in our home. Not only did we celebrate the most important day of the year for us as Christians, but we also celebrated Elias' third birthday. Yes. Three.

We've been talking about this big day for months and explaining to him what this day meant and how his age would be changing from two to three. I think he understands perfectly. All he would do whenever his birthday was mentioned was to hold out his little hand and one-by-one unfold his little fingers to show us one-two-THREE!

This child is big-time into horses, Star Wars, coloring inside the lines (a new skill that he spends hours on each day) and practicing his independence each and every day. Mike refers to him as the wild card... you never know what you're going to get!

He is loved and adored by his big brother and sister. They make it their mission in life to include him in their play, to make him happy and to encourage him when he needs it most. They read to him, give him piggy-back rides, let him use their dress-up clothes and always are looking out for his safety and well-being.

As his mother I have so many wonderful memories and hysterical stories already from these last three years.

I can remember how he had already tripled his birth weight at five months of age. How he had a pair of red rain boots that he just had to wear no matter the weather every day for several months during his second year of life.

He has been my longest nurser (that is another post altogether).

How is favorite book is currently Where the Wild Things Are and We're Going on a Bear Hunt and how I often find him deep in thought, intently flipping through our Joan of Arc book like he is really reading and absorbing all of those French words and thoughts on saints.

We love you Elias and wish you a happy 3rd birthday...


bigbucketgirl said...

happy birthday wishes to your boy.....

we have a 3yr old who demands to tell people he's eight because he's worried three sounds likes fleas! and "it might make 'em itch"

Chuck said...

It was nice spending Easter together with all of our families and watching your little man blow out his Birthday Candles!

Amanda L. said...

Happy Birthday Elias! He's such a big boy..and a wild card indeed, but that makes him all the more fun to be around.

I remember him being a looooong nurser! And so chubby.

He's grown up so much. You guys are so great!

Glad he had a special day - and I love his hat!