Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I blinked and it has been nearly three weeks since I last paid any attention to my little blog.

It's always so interesting to me to step back and think about what I've been doing with my time during periods of living my life a bit more privately than previously.

Whether it be a lapse in blogging, returning friend's phone calls, visiting with loved ones or going out of my way to write a note or letter, there is always something more pressing at hand than the need to reach out and stay connected.

Not always a good thing.

These past few weeks have simply been filled with living life. Well, obviously you might say! But what I mean is that there has not been any time of reflecting on those daily tasks, taking time to share my experiences with the world or making any meaning out of the things that I have been filling my days with.

Although I have an enormous need to express myself creatively, which includes writing on the blog, I have been choosing the urgent needs over the important ones (I write about this a lot, I know, I know).

Now, briefly, I can look back over the last few weeks and see that yes there has been important work being done!

Things like...

planning, purchasing and preparing food/meals for my family
keeping up with laundry
being diligent about getting my toddler to the potty
helping my kids to learn new chores and showing them the proper way to execute them
helping my kids to read, learn new math concepts, read poetry, prepare their environment for art projects and read them stories
set up a mini bird feeding complex out our schoolroom window with the hope of observing some new winter birds
acting as a sounding board and reflective listener for my husband as he works toward a very exciting and important goal (I will share more on this later!)
desperately trying to keep my house clean in a meager attempt to control my environment, bring me peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction

This last attempt has been pretty much a failure, so I've decided to change my mindset a bit and just accept the reality that I have three children living in a small space and that they are here all day building, playing, drawing, painting, eating, exploring, wrestling, dancing, creating, cutting paper, dropping crumbs and playing with toys because they are children and that is what children do.

I am working on accepting this as my daily mental mantra and succeeding a bit at this currently!


lovingmom said...

No need for me to write in my blog (it has been at least three weeks for me too....), you have said what I needed to say!
We love and miss you all.

Chuck said...

I think we could all just cut and paste your post - Thankfully I am on vacation now and catching up on my posting as well as everyones blogs - not to hard as everyone seems to be in the same slump! Glad to have you back posting in the cyberworld!

Donna Blessed Nest said...

oh yes I have been living in this world as well...did I forget to return your e-mail,,oh my! I too have been loving my time with the girls, working from home and attempting to organize my home...(uh hum)
Whenever your ready, we're ready at the perch!
xo Donna