Thursday, November 27, 2008


Our day was filled with so many wonderful things that it's hard to recall the best parts.

A chance to get together with both sides of our families as we do every Thanksgiving
Being able to take part in a family photo session that included four generations of my family
Watching my children and nieces act out their annual pilgrim play
A table full of delicious and soul-warming food
Peace and a chance to sit and talk with family
The blessing of being able to hold my newest niece for extended periods of time (I think this provided a bit of a baby-fix that just might be enough to get me through the weekend)
Coming home with thousands of slides, now on DVD, of Mike when he was young (movie footage too! This is going to be good!)
And now, a peaceful house with children sleeping and a mother who is looking towards, planning and getting ready to prepare our home for the next big holiday!

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