Wednesday, October 29, 2008

insider at the farmers market

Every household has it popular sayings, phrases and buzz words. For us, no thanks to me, one of these for our family is farmers market.

Even Elias, who is two-and-a-half, talks of the faw-moos mah-kit quite often, asking if we will be visiting the vendors on any given day. I think he enjoys it almost as much as I do!

I had the privilege and pleasure today of being part of the farmers market as in insider and not just a customer. As part of my role as Nutrition Educator for this amazing program that I work for part-time, I am also often asked to plan outreach events. Talking to people about food- how we choose it, prepare and and offer it to our families- is one of my favorite things to do.

To say that I was giddy over my latest project would be an understatement. I was tickled pink, ecstatic and over-the-moon excited about being asked to plan the outreach event for the last farmers market of the season today.

I chose a topic that is such a passion of mine and it was so fitting for the event today. It was
Saying Farewell to the Farmers Market:
How to eat locally and nutritiously during the winter months even after the farmers market is closed.
Topics such as yummy dishes using winter vegetables, storing pumpkins and squash, supporting restaurants and supermarkets that buy from local farmers and even a recipe for homemade fruit leather were on the "menu" for today.

Okay, okay. Maybe this isn't as exciting for the rest of you as it is for me. But this is my kind of thing and I was so happy to have to opportunity to share with others in the community about all of the wonderfully inspiring information and evidence that I have been storing up inside of me for quite sometime from here and here and here.

If anything, it gave me an outlet for my thoughts and ideas so that my children don't have to listen to their mother talk daily about the importance of eating fresh locally grown produce, dairy and meat versus the food-like-substances that fill the aisles of our grocery stores.

Yeah, I think my kids will be really glad that I had this day.

{Oh, and don't think I left there empty-handed. I left the farmers market with a box full of fruits and vegetables that I have big plans for over the weekend! Yes, a box.


Blessed Nest said...

Good things about market all year around! I have found a crocery store that sells only CA farm fresh items...Do you have Fresh and Easy back East? It is British owned but they tend to only sell products close to the stores. If you had one in your area, they would bring in foods from your local farmers. Items are fresh and if you shop at 8:00am alot of items are on they stock daily.
OK enough of the Fresh and Easy ad...cheers my friend!

Jackie said...

wow, you just barely mentioned this the other day and i didn't realize it was such a big deal. sounds really interesting and i'd love to hear more about it--esp tips on eating healthily in season. if we ever again have the chance to have a complete a conversation... :)

Anonymous said...

this sounds wonderful! the time i spend at the farmers market is truly one of my favorite parts of the weekend. (i'm roasting some of the brussel sprouts and fingerling potatoes that i purchased as i write this).

something i think you would really like--last night my friend made roasted butternut squash with olive oil, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of blue cheese. it was amazing! that bit of savory blue cheese was so flavorful. xo, chrissy

Anonymous said...

the blue cheese was served on the side, added after the squash had cooled a bit. so yummy!

Amanda L. said...

What a beautiful post! So passionate.

I wish I could've heard what you had to teach.

We will discuss this tomorrow...I need an influx of fall/winter recipes.