Friday, November 28, 2008

green friday

Among the vast array of motherly intuition and maternal instinct that we as mother's have been given, is the sense of knowing just when our children need to get out into the wide open space of the outdoors. This was one of those mornings in our house and rather than try to tame their energy with indoor activities, I opted to gear up for a morning out in the woods.

I was thrilled to see the sun shining and feel the mild air come in after a quick and intense rain storm this morning. It felt like divine conditions for a walk out and around a nearby pond.

Besides the unseen creatures of the forest, we were the only ones out there walking, skipping stones, digging into the forest floor with our shoes and climbing fallen trees. It felt so, so good to breath in the fresh air and for me to move my stiff body and tired head after such a day of feasting and relaxation yesterday. Seeing the green ferns peeking up through wet leaves, holding smooth stones in their hands and bouncing on fallen limbs was just what they needed.

Here are a few scenes that played out in the woods today...


Katrina said...

This is such a wonderfully descriptive post! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful outing with us. It looks like you live where there are delightful placed to play!

Daniele said...

the outdoors are refreshing for body and soul! glad that you enjoyed such a wonderful outing.