Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just an ordinary summer week going on here. Swim lessons are in full swing for the older pair. And while they are learning and listening in the water, I am lathering up quite a sweat trying to tame their little tiger-of-a-brother.

I'm not going to lie. These mornings at the pool have been exhausting while I try to keep Elias still and safe while the others have their lessons. I thought that a snack eaten poolside would buy me ten minutes of stillness, but they've since banned food in the pool area. Mind you they actually changed their rule mid-lesson Monday morning once they saw WHO would be the one doing the snacking!

Elias has even attempted to get into the pool while the lessons are in session. Teasingly dipping one little Keen-clad foot into the pool and looking slyly at me while I, one again, make a quick dash towards the pool to pull him to safety.

Today he found a few rocks. I thought it was my lucky day and that he would sit with them and play a bit. No. Instead he tried to throw the rocks into the pool and then proceeded to stuff the dirt on his fingers that was leftover from the pebbles up his nostrils. The swim class liked this, so he continued the antics and added a few snorting, huffing-style sound effects to the stand up routine. I wasn't laughing.

After wiping his face and hands, I sat down in defeat to talk to a friend. When I looked up 30 seconds later, I realized that he had found his way into the sunscreen bottle and was dutifully applying gobs of sunblock to his face. He looked a bit like this. But thankfully he only had time to cover half his face. Really a good thing because mimes creep me out.

He found a baby today to admire so that held his curiosity for a bit. I felt terrible letting him even near the baby considering he was covered in dirt and Blue Lizard, but the kind mother assured me that it was just fine. Ah, a few minutes to catch my breath.

I never thought that that two thirty-five minute swim lessons could cause me such anguish and anxiety, but I assure, they have. I have to believe that it will all be worth it in the end and that in addition to Sophia and Nicolas learning to become stronger swimmers, that I am becoming a better mother. A more patient and resourceful mother, with way less sunscreen in her bag.


Charles and Rebecca said...

I almost pee'd my pants as I am laughing so hard. I'm not laughing at you as I remember some pretty fustrating moments with Alex. I will pray that your time spent at swimming lessons gets a little easier. Thanks for sharing and providing us a good laugh to brighten our day (actually night as it's 11:15pm)


Jackie said...

oh dear. seeing the antics first hand i can attest that he is indeed able to run you ragged in a very short period of time. i couldn't help but laugh at the sunscreen though and you handled it rather well with surprising aplomb (surprising only b/c if it were me there would have been a more frenzied response)

just remember my offer...

Daniele said...

this too shall pass....
hang in there!

Karen said...

oh Jill, don't I feel it. There are almost no lengths to which I will not go to avoid sitting on my younger children during an older sibling only activity. It really is dreadful...this week I even did parent child swim lessons (paying to play in the pool with Henry with a lifeguard standing in the water with us) so that they'd line up with Isaac's lesson time - and laid back Theo went to swim readiness (no parent required in kiddie pool)

And there is no doubt, you are a wonderful mother & getting more wonderful all the time.