Saturday, August 02, 2008


I'll admit that sometimes when I should be folding laundry or finishing up this book that I've been trying to finish reading for months, I venture out into the world wide web and temporarily take up residence there.

In doing so, I often discover crafts, clothing, toys, accessories and ideas that I would certainly not discover in my own back yard (so to speak). This makes me very happy and inspired. And I'm finding that a happy and inspired mother is a better mother and that her children really like spending the day with her when she is this way (a whole other post).

Here are a few items that I've stumbled upon and am really loving at the moment. I'm either thinking about buying them, making them or merely dreaming about how fun they would be to have in our day-to-day life.

Bakfiets- Dutch Cargo Bike
How great would this be to tote the kids around town in and save gas at the same time? Alright, alright. I know that realistically this would not work in my town, but would be perfect if we were living in, say, the Netherlands.

If these excite you as much as they do me, then go to the photos section on the Bakfiets website for an eye-full of photos featuring adorable Dutch families piling loads of kids into these things. It just strikes my funny bone and confirms my belief that kids don't need a large space to be happy!

Oh, and I would have to wear a scarf while pushing this cart because it would just make the scene that much more believable.

I hyperventilate a little bit each time I browse this site because it is filled with such unique, gorgeous and creative costumes for children. My kids role play most of the day and would just love these great clothes for make-believing that the were pirates, Nile princesses, fairies, lion tamers, moths or aviators that they try and become.

You just have to go to this site and dream a little bit about how fun wearing these outfits would be. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes...

Black Apple Doll
These dolls were created by crafter Emily Martin and I just love the look of them! Sophia and I attempted to make a doll last year, and although it has now become a treasured piece of fabric losing it poly-fil, it is pretty sad looking. I'm hoping that Sophia and I will make these together someday really soon.

Ten Fingers Workshop: painted wooden dolls
Just look at this little wooden family! I don't know what I like best about these- the colors, the cuteness or the fact that I would have loved to have these as my doll house family as a child (okay, or right now).

The kids and I made some of our own recently using wooden clothespins. The final product was pretty great. They each took their time and Nicolas even glued a toothpick to the side of his clothespin to make his into some sort of a warrior. Adding swords as accessories is so very Nicolas.

hollyhawk: leather cuffs
Yes. Leather cuffs. They are not as scary as they sound, I promise. These bracelets are really beautiful and I would just love to have one on my wrist. These I cannot make. Nor will I likely purchase one. I guess this would be called virtual window shopping.

Buisjes En Beugels+++: An interview with Kellie Smits
Kellie is the designer and founder of this Dutch company featuring unique children's clothing. Although this is not an item per se, this interview was extrememly fascinating and interesting for me to read. How does one become a clothing designer? What is your inspiration? How do you manage your home and career? All of these questions are answered with detail.

Yet another artist who is also journeying through motherhood.

Bloesom Kids

Just a site full of great features, crafts and lines for children. Truly inspiring. You could spent hours here just linking from one great idea to the next (uh, not that I would know about squandering my time like that...).

I hope you've enjoyed some of my finds!


Jackie said...

cute stuff...kung fu bambini is another site you might enjoy. it's a friend of a friend's and she makes and sells her own children't clothing line. her daughters are the models on the website and it's also cute stuff.

Mariela said...

Don't feel bad about not the occasional www jaunt. I don't think anyone has ever come to the end of their life and said they wished they had spent more time folding the laundry...

J-momma said...

how come they are called black apple dolls but the dolls are white?