Monday, July 28, 2008


With so much in limbo around here lately, I've had to find a way to stay grounded and focused. Trying to find a rythym and routine when so many changes are underway is quite the challenge.

As my blog headline states: "the adventures of a family living a simple, creative, home-centered life", I really try to keep these goals in mind when going about the day-to-day activities and happenings.

It seems that whenever I start to stray from these aims of mine, things just start to go south. Pretty fast.

When I try to add too much, do too much or produce too much and lose the simplicity I long for, I end up expending all of my patience, resourcefulness and energy on things that aren't really that important to me and have nothing left to give my family, the people that matter most to me.

When I try to focus solely on the needs and go into survival mode like some sort of homemaking robot I end up sacrificing my need to create/be creative (in some measly way!) and miss out on the amazing satisfaction and calm that I feel after expressing a bit of myself into something I've created, sewn, cooked or written (with or without my kids).

When I start to venture out of the house too much and begin frittering my time away with unnecessary errands, outings and visits, then I start to feel like a stranger in my own home when I return. How overwhelming it can be to be gone most of the day and return home to a day's worth of chores and cares that would have otherwise been worked at bit by bit had I spent the better part of my day at home. What this creates in me is a sense of not wanting to return home and the temptation of using my home simply as a launching pad to stop in quickly to restock before I'm out and about again. Being home-centered is not only a want that I posses, but also a need.

So, it's in moments like this when I see my children playing simply, using their imaginations, using supplies at hand, free-playing outdoors and spending time together in a peaceful way that my heart just soars and all of these long and energetic summer days seem worthwhile.

buckets + water from the hose = contentment

a simple fort made from wood scraps, sheets and blankets

a firepit containing (what I overheard them say was) dried deer meat and lettuce soup

Sophia washing the the "lettuce soup"

I took this photo last week, but thought that it really captured the closeness of this brother-sister pair and wanted to share the love with all of you!


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly! It reminds me just how great it was when we were kids and were always outside til dark if we could manage it, playing in the creek and fishing for crawdads, barefoot and completely dirty! Great! Must explain why I get joy out of seeing my son's dirty feet at the end of a great day of play . .

Charles and Rebecca said...

Brings back lots of memories of childhood - those truly were simpler times. I look forward to time spent with not only my kids but yours as well as i'm sure they will have the desire to enjoy the great outdoors with Uncle Seth and I in the upcoming years. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Also the summer months always seem busier than the fall and winter months where staying home seems "natural" for lack of a better term.


Charles and Rebecca said...

Dried venison and lettuce soup - sounds great, what time is dinner! :)
Tell the kids I am truly impressed with their fire pit building abilities.


Donna said...

oh how I relate. I have cancelled many summer "get togethers" to simply let my kids play in their swimsuits all day, making mud pie and sipping "play" tea...oh the joys of watching children play!!

Jackie said...

how sweet to see siblings playing so well together with such imagination!

J-momma said...

that's funny. we are exact opposites. i like to be out and about in the community as much as possible. the house just seems so small with an active and easily bored toddler running around. i also like giving him opportunities to experience lots of different people and places. i think it makes him more adaptable, well rounded, and cultured. there is so much to learn and explore out in the world. maybe it will change with a sibling. but for now, he needs stimulation other than being in the house with Mom.