Thursday, July 10, 2008


This week I've been bit by a sewing bug. A bug that is forcing me to stay up way too late at night to make the visions of children's clothing that are dancing in my head into realities.

I've been so inspired recently by all of the adorable and unique pieces of children's clothing that are popping up all over most of my favorite blogs, that I just had to attempt one little piece myself.

I think it's been almost exactly one year since I started sewing. That is, one year since I learned how to use a sewing machine, thread it's needle, cut fabric and attempt different stitches. I am a beginner with a whole-lotta potential ( I think!) and passion for sewing. Hey, I'm only 31, right?

I decided to start small, really small, like size 18 months small and make a little summer peasant-style dress for my little niece.

{alright, I'm not going to lie. It was intended to be a shirt for Sophia, but I got overly-confident and decided to scrap the measurements from my online tutorial and simply CUT the bodice where I thought I should. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade- or a dress for your niece!}
So here is the finished product. I made the dress out of a vintage pillowcase that I had just lying around in my linen closet. I knew I would thank myself someday for taking that out of my Nana's bin of old sheets. The pillowcase was just so summery- really like lemons and limes.

And here is it's proud owner- my adorable little niece Liv.

Despite the tears, scowl and tugging of the ears, she really was delighted to put the dress on earlier today at my house. I swear. In fact she wouldn't take it off and just kept it on for the day. I don't think that one year olds know how to fake gratitude when given an undesirable gift yet. I'll keep telling myself this to keep my ego in tact.

This will not be the last of my new obsession to make some clothing for my family, I promise. I think I'll stick to the measurements next time.


Jackie said...

ooh, i love it! it's so sweet and pretty. well-done!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Great job!! And recycling a vintage fabric from the family gives it so much more meaning and style. So glad you have been bitten by the bug :)

Daniele said...

very sweet! keep sewing!

Jennifer Young said...

So cute, you did a wonderful job...
I colors are great....Keep sewing

Kristen Taylor said...

love it! :)