Sunday, July 06, 2008

my blog banner

So, here's the story that goes with my new blog banner. I was browsing through the thousands of lovely and lively photos that flickr has to offer in search of a photo that would just strike me as the one for my banner. And I found this photo.

I went out on a limb and asked the artist (ever-so meekly and politely) if I could use her photo for my measly little blog and she said YES. I was thrilled to say the least.

It turns out that this woman is a mixed media artist and full-time mother of two living in the UK. I just love stumbling upon pretty things like this and love them even more when I know that they were created by a mother with young children. It's a fascination of mine I guess you could say.
If you're interested in seeing more that this artist has to offer then visit her etsy shop- lusummers and browse her pretty little things.

So now I have a lovely blog banner and yet another craft blog that I enjoy visiting. This is fine by me.


Amanda L. said...

love it! those are my two favorite colors and how great to connect with another creative mom.

lusummers said...

aww...thanks jill, what a lovely mention! :) xxx

Daniele said...

very nice! love the photo

Donna said...

I love pretty, love the look!

vintagechica said...

Such a pretty banner it is!!! Amazing what happens when you just put yourself out there, isnt it?

Glad to have found your blog too.