Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We pulled a switch-a-roo with our children's bedrooms this past weekend. When we moved into this house almost three years ago, we didn't know that we had a third child on the way. But a few weeks after moving in, there we were waiting to welcome a new little baby into our family.

So, Sophia got the larger of the two rooms and because there is only one of her and two of them (the boys that is) it is only right that they get the larger space. So, a switch was needed.

We actually booked this day weeks in advance and sent our three over to my parents for the day. After painting walls, disassembling, painting, reassembling and adding bedding to all of their furniture and moving clothing, toys and wall storage we called it a day and sat back to admire our handiwork (well, really Mike's. I just shifted things around and did nothing even closely resembling creative work).

I've always believed that Mike has a good eye for color and after this experience, my suspicions were confirmed. He suggested this amazing charcoal/slate color for the boys furniture and then took hours to painstakingly paint headboards, footboards and dressers to make his vision a reality. The results are stunning. It is evident that there are boys residing in this room.

I've been hiding away an amazing tag sale find for over a month now and I was so pleased to finally place it out into plain sight. I found an iron and brass bed dating from the 1860s last month at a local tag sale and just knew that it would be a great fit for Sophia's bedroom. And although it was not purchased form here, this bed looks really similar to the one sitting in her room right now. It is big and sturdy and will last forever. I envision this being something that she will have for a long, long time.

Of course this project has been unofficially categorized as unfinished. And I am alright with this. I am mellowing out in my old age and am completely at peace with my kids being left without proper bed coverings and curtains for the time being. For goodness sake, it's summertime and they're sleeping with barely anything on, so who needs quilts? I want to get it right and want to take my time in either purchasing or making something special for them. In the past, I would have frantically pieced it all together just to be able to check it off of my to-do list. I am changing.

Although I am LOVING these two colors paired together and am thinking of using this idea for Sophia's room.

The best part of this is that everyone has been playing so nicely in their rooms this week. Sophia has been up on her new bed reading, playing dolls and doodling. The boys have been doing some serious role playing up there- we've got villains and ninjas and heroes and I think even a forest animal or two. Not to mention the large amount of floor space that is now strewn with figures, blocks and wooden food toys.

All of this means peace and pleasantries for at least 30-minute blocks of time in our house. This is a good final product if you ask me.

** For anyone looking for some decorating inspiration, look no further**

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Donna said...

you've inspired me!
You're post is up at Blessed Nest

Daniele said...

hooray for all the work you've done!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Total score on that gorgeous bed! I am sure she looooves it! Way to go you two!

Amanda L. said...

Thinking about doing this swichteroo sometime soon as well. Love your color palette!

Can't wait to see the new set ups.