Wednesday, April 09, 2008

on the lighter side

All of this mild, sunny weather has me thinking spring. Duh, right?

For me, thoughts about gardens and picnics and bird feeders and doormats and lighter clothing (these are my spring thoughts) race through my mind faster than my feet and wallet can keep up.

But I take what I can get. So I was extra thrilled tonight when I had an hour and a half to sneak out (by myself) to my most favorite store ever and browse the beautiful housewares, clothing and jewelry that this store has to offer. In my dreams I live in Anthropologie. Yes, actually in the store.

I managed to leave the store (after prying my fists open and letting go of so many other pretty things) with some steals (in my opinion, but not exactly my father's idea of a steal).

First, I found an adorable pair of sun glasses. My old pair broke over the winter and I really needed a new pair. When I tried them on for Sophia and Nicolas, they told me that I looked like a rock star. I will take this as a compliment.

Next, I found the most gorgeous jacket (which I am calling a "sweater" so that I can wear it indoors as well). It is citrus-colored and fits like a glove. With a description like this, who can resist...

Flight Patterns Jacket

-a ruched yoke soars above the bell-shaped bodice of this cozy Sparrow coat, with a fold-over collar and tiny bows at the sleeves.

Not I.

So here I am feeling slightly more ready to take on spring. Now for the important things...

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Jackie said...

it is a fabulous sweater and looks great on you. apparently the feeling of renewal that spring brings also applies to the wardrobe...