Sunday, April 13, 2008


We spent our weekend celebrating Elias' 2nd birthday and loving every minute of it.

Words cannot describe how quickly the last two years have gone by. I blinked and then my baby was two.
Elias is such an amazing addition to our family. Sophia calls him the "king" because she thinks that his every request is granted (usually it is her happily doing the granting) and Nicolas expresses his simple, child-like gratitude by saying, "Mom, aren't you so glad that God gave him to us?".

We love you Elias- and all of the energy, commotion and dinner-time antics that you bring to our family!


Jessica Torrant said...

Happy birthday you beautiful boy!! I love all the pictures Jill - that one of Elias and Mike - they are like twins! Big kisses from Auntie Jessy :)

Jackie said...

happy birthday Elias! so glad we've been able to watch you grow...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Elias! I cannot believe he just turned two. These photos are beautiful.

Sending a big hug to both of you.

XO, Chrissy

Anonymous said...

I just got "choked-up",but I guess that is what Nannie's are suppose to do. I love you Li-Li.


Karen said...

oh, happy birthday little Elias! What a sweetheart you are, love the pics of you with your loving servants all around you!