Tuesday, April 08, 2008

wide open spaces

If I could choose one word to describe the mood of this week it would be inspired.

With the feeling of inspiration comes also the promise of hope; the accompaniment of an "I can do this" attitude, will and mindset. By “this” of course, I mean motherhood and more specifically, homeschooling.

What is it that makes us meet the same daily tasks with a different drive each time? I believe it has a lot to do with
p e r s p e c t i v e.

My perspective is certainly in the right place right this week. It's one of those seasons of life where I feel like I can take on whatever life has to offer me. Or, at least what my kids feel like sending my way.

One of the events that continually spurs me on toward this right sort of mindset is our weekly Monday Homeschooling Classes. It's a co-op for local homeschoolers and we meet each Monday here in our town at the Lutz Children’s Museum. The museum is closed on Mondays and allows us to use their space. To say that the children have “free run” of the place is one drastic understatement!

It is here that I have the benefit and blessing of being surrounded by like-minded people who value the benefits that children receive when they are educated and nurtured at home.

It is here, in this accepting and encouraging space, that I never care what my kids are wearing or how my hair looks or if my son is wielding a stick wildly in an open field (totally not politically correct!). There is such an absence of judgment amongst the families in our group. It is a community of families who are immune to the messages that the world is loudly blasting in their direction. Messages about what our families

should look like, or

be able to do at a certain age or

should or shouldn’t be acting like.

Messages that tell us that our children should be in a "structured" and "socialized" environment.

Whether it's attending a class, exploring the museum or watching the children run about with freedom and reckless abandon in that wide open field, I feel that my children are in good hands. The feeling of community here is like no other. It is a place where each mother is not only responsible and mindful of what their own children are up to, but also tuned in to what the other children are doing. This, of course, brings peace of mind and security. A security in knowing that if someone says they will sit and watch your child while you attend a class with a younger sibling/need a bathroom break/need to help monitor the museum hallways you always know that they mean what they say.

I came home yesterday from a refreshing nearly-three hour bout of time spent with this group and felt like I could take on the world. My kids were well exercised and had experience massive amounts of fresh air, free play and time spent connecting with other children. They were happy and worry-free; they seemed to have more child-like innocence after leaving than when we arrived.

I am truly thankful for this group and for all of the encouragement, inspiration and confirmation that it lends to our family. It just confirms every time that that this is the right place for our children to be spending the better part of their day- at home.


Amanda L. said...

That souns wonderful and fabulous. How great to have such a non-judgemental group to associate with. We too enjoyed the spring weather yesterday with an inpromptu soccer game out front with Dad.

I'm sure that wasn't a 'stick' Nicolas was holding, but rather a sword to protect!

Daniele said...

hi! I'm a friend of Jackie's & sometimes visit your site. What a great group of homeschoolers to be with! Just thought I would say hello.