Saturday, February 02, 2008

ode to auntie

My dear sister. You continue to amaze me with all of your positive qualities- patience, generosity and long-suffering. A big "thank you" to you for taking our children today so we can spend some time together visiting here and here.

My sister and her adorable little family...

Elias with his "Auntie"- Spring 2006

Sisters during one of their numerous laughing spells at her baby shower in September 2006. Yes, she is 7 months pregnant in that photo!!!

It is just amazing having a sister who is also a best friend.

Being only 20 months apart has really allowed us to experience many of life's defining moments together. It was always a secret wish of ours that we would be pregnant together and have our babies experience the same stages at the same time. And although I got a bit of a head start (after all, I am the older sister!), we have been able to experience the journey of motherhood together over the last year and a half.

So here's to my sister; my children's beloved "Auntie". You are amazing!


Charles & Rebecca said...

I like the new banner on your blog, wisteria is my favorite flower. I love how they look like clusters of grapes and they always smell so good too. Enjoy your evening with Mike.


Heather said...

Great sister photo! I am blessed to have two amazing sisters and they are my best friends.

Anonymous said...

It is one of a mother's greatest joy to know their children love and support each other. You are so blessed to have each other. Love Mom