Friday, February 01, 2008

Sleet and So Much to Be Hopeful For

Happy February morning to all of you. We woke up this morning to all three of our children herding into our bedroom a little before 6 am. A nice sight to wake up to. They took turns piling in and out of our bed until they lifted the blinds and noticed the sky. Bright oranges and pinks burned in the horizon and the entire sky was a hazy warm color. Pretty, but perhaps a sign of some pretty ugly weather coming- "Pink sky at night, sailor's delight. Pink sky in the morning, sailor's take warning".

The saying is true. That gorgeous glowing sky has not turned into a gray blanket of clouds and it is sleeting.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a new month. It is always inspiring to turn a new calendar page and see the fresh, unmarked page. Of course, those little blank squares quickly become filled with scribbled "to-do's" and appointments.

This month holds several special happenings for our family...

In less than two weeks, Mike and I will be here for several days celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. We have been blessed with several very generous friends, some of which are loaning us their vacation home in the mountains. It will be a simple, quiet retreat for us with every intention of doing a few of our favorite things- reading, cooking, trying a new wine and being together. We are also hoping to try snow-shoeing for the first time!

Mike and I are a part of a "couple's home group" that studies the Bible, prays and has monthly potluck dinners. I have made a commitment to lead our next women's study and am feeling quite excited and humbled at the reality of it. We will be delving into James, a book that speaks to topics such as taming the tongue, patience in suffering and faith that lacks works. Just thinking about the changes that God has planned for our hearts is oh-so exciting.

We are also praying that this is the month that Mike finds his way down a new career path. We have been actively seeking both the job and God's will for our lives for the past few months and really feel hopeful that the right-fitting job is out there.

Happy February!

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