Thursday, December 06, 2007

needle and thread

I have been a little sewing crazy over here. I have about a million ideas running around in my head and enough time, energy and resources only to make a fraction of those!

A while back I started thinking about sewing fabric-covered books that the children could write in or in which I could print some of Sophia's oral narrations from the term. I had a lot of questions until I read about these adorable little cloth books here.

I sewed a few and will surely make some more before Christmas. Who wouldn't want their own book?

I made this little art smock/apron for Elias. It was just an idea and I have learned what I will do and not do for the next time. I love the little pocket in front- perfect for holding some crayons or whatever else my toddler wants to stock away in there (hopefully not food)!
The older pair wanted to sew one day last week and we spent the afternoon stitching various pieces of fabric. Sophia ended up (perhaps mistakenly, but it was darn cute) embroidering a balloon onto her fabric, which I later made into a pocket/envelope for her to use.

I love this image of Nicolas sewing for the first time. He was taking it pretty seriously. Notice "the slouch"... a very masculine sewing pose.
Okay. Forgive me if you can hear the giddiness in my writing over these crafty little fabric Christmas trees!! I first read about them on my all-time favorite blog- SouleMama- and went nuts over them. Once I saw there was an online tutorial posted I just had to make them happen. And now, my entire mantle is lined with these handmade folky-fabric trees.

Ahhhh, now that's living.

Next? I really want to make stockings for the five of us for Christmas Eve, a tree skirt for the Christmas tree, curtains for my kitchen door and now that I've seen these, I just might attempt a little holiday jumper for Sophia. Who knows... with 19 days left until Christmas ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!


Jackie said...

oh my goodness you are ambitious. you don't do anything small do you? all of those projects are so great--the trees are especially precious. i finally finished my one knitting project...

Jessica Torrant said...

So when are you opening an etsy shop, my dear (hint hint)? You are a natural!

The Zazzle shops you commented about on my blog aren't things I am sewing. It's a royalty arrangement with my designs and zazzle creates/advertises/ships the products. I haven't touched a sewing machine in years, but I Love Love Love hand sewn anything! The apron idea is brilliant.

Now I'm seriously thinking about your own beautiful Etsy shop if you were to get into that. It would be full of your personality and spirit and sense of sleek, beautiful designs.

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