Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just "Point and Click"

This just about summarizes my evening. Online shopping... how can you beat it.

My mind is full of gift ideas but my daily "time budget" just doesn't let me live out these shopping fantasies. BUT, thanks to the internet, I am able to browse shops and boutiques from sea-to-shining-sea (yes, there's something special about those shops out West...).

Tonight was spent browsing and purchasing books for personal use and for gifts for a gift basket I am making for some special friends. Coveting, I mean, looking at fabric (yes, I am feeding the obsession). Looking toward next year's curriculum on Ambleside Online (sigh... I'm getting ahead of myself here). And looking at my most-favorite store ever for some helpful gift ideas for my husband. Yes, it is Anthropologie.

And yes, "O-POLOGIES" are exactlty what I would have to make if I "pointed and clicked" at every item I wished to see in my home this holiday season!

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