Friday, July 20, 2007

Quilt Dreams

It all started months before I even became pregnant with my first child, so I know that nesting hormones weren't to blame. I can remember making that transition from a carefree and cluttered college student to a more tidy and domesticated version of that same girl.

I started thinking about my home and what it might feel like to have a place of my own to grow old together with my husband (I was single at the time) and to raise a family in. I started collecting things like juice glasses, linens and unique towels that I would see here or there. The image of what my nest would be like started to take shape.

Along with that urge to nest and prepare a home, came the deep and unrelenting desire to have a baby. Like most young married couples, my husband and I had "our plan" about when we would start our family. I think it was something like two years. Needless to say, my husband caught my "baby fever" and nine months into our marriage we were celebrating the new life that had been created.

Preparing for our baby created even a stronger desire to make my house a place where not only our friends and family would feel warm, well-fed and welcome, but also where a baby could grow, be rocked, nursed, nurtured and feel peaceful and cozy.

I have never considered myself to particularly crafty. And I certainly didn't bring any major homemaking skills to the table. But where there's a will, there's a way. And so I learned slowly and steadily how to do simple things like prepare meals, separate/wash/iron clothing (without shrinking or discoloring any items), set a nice table, make a cozy bed, bake scones/quick breads/muffins and nurse my babies.

Here I am seven years later, and that nesting urge is still growing. I have been feeling particularly crafty this week, as you may have read in these posts from this week. Children's arts and crafts are wonderful but have not fulfilled my longing for self-expression in the way of a skill or craft. In fact, I consider myself to be someone lacking any real skill or artistic ability.

In particular, I have been dreaming of sewing a beautiful quilt that can be used anytime by anyone who wants to be cozy. Of course, I do not have much sewing experience to bring this vision to life. So I have asked a family friend for sewing lessons. She has graciously agreed to take me on and I am thrilled!

Just last night, I stumbled upon a step-by-step instructional on how to make a vintage quilt. I am posting the link here for anyone who is feeling particularly crafty and artistic. Hopefully someday I will be the one posting a photo of a quilt that I've made. Anything is possible.

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Jackie said...

my cousin, julie over at the schmuffin baby blog is a quilter. she also has a quilting blog:
she has great pictures and a bit of a tutorial as well, if you're interested. she made both my kids quilts, which are pictured there.